Daminion Server

Daminion Server 0.9.5

Manage their image library quickly and with fun


  • Multi-user access
  • Tight integration with metadata (XMP, IPTC)
  • Focus on image cataloging
  • Standalone version is free


  • No Mac version

Manage their image library quickly and with fun

Daminion is a network-friendly photo manager program. Unlike other standalone photo organizers Daminion focuses on cataloging and multi-user capabilities. It doesn't contain a fancy built-in image editor, but provides a good bridge to the external applications. With Daminion you can quickly create a centralized photo archive for a small team or home users.

- Restricted access to content by User Roles - Ability to work with huge size media archives (up to 500K-1M files per catalog) - Version Control (Check in/out). Avoid work being redone because you've lost your original versions! - Powered by free, reliable and widely adopted PostgreSQL database engine - Import more than 100 formats including - Super simple and clean interface - Focused on cataloguing (no built-in fancy image editors and publishing tools) with excellent bridge to external photo editors like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. - Quickly classify and filter your content by tags using AND, OR operations

- Provides True multi-user access - Affordable price for small teams - No need to hire a system administrator, and no specialist knowledge necessary to install and administer the Server. - Much more secure than web-solutions all your content remains inside your firewall - Focus on image cataloging and multi-user access - Automatic Metadata (XMP,IPTC) syncing - Support for unlimited hierarchical tag structure

Small companies, who need to create a centralized photo library in the following industries: Manufacturing, Engineering, Architect and interior design, Landscape design, Non-profit organizations Plus home users with a large number of photos

Daminion Server


Daminion Server 0.9.5

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  • McMissle

    by McMissle

    "Best DAM solution for small teams (if you are on Windows platform)"

    Nice program to managing digital asset libraries. The price is unbeatable for small teams in comparison to enterprize le... More.

    reviewed on November 27, 2013